Saturday, 15 March 2014

My hexie quilt, continuing.

Well Christmas has been and gone.    Family have been and gone, and so I am back to work/play with my hexies.
I thought, while I am talking about my quilt, I would tell you how I am preparing the hexies for sewing.    To start with, I used the precut papers, but I quickly realised with the size of it, I would be spending lots of money on those.  I downloaded a few papers off the net, but then I had to cut them out.   I am too impatient , wanting to get to the sewing part of it.   
My daughter found some cutters, I think they are meant for scrap booking, but they work well, and so I am now cutting them out with the cutter.
             This is what it looks like.

 I cut the fabric into squares, and then use a glue pen, sewline, to glue them.   Then I put the right sides together and whip stitch.
I have tried a lot of different threads, but have settled on rasant.  They all seem to shred if they are too long.    A thimble and a nice fine needle with a good sized eye help.

Ok.  Back to the quilt.      I have stitched madly, and have done the centre.      And I love it.  But what now.?       I had it all planned with a few rows of lighter browns , a row of colored flowers ,another few rows of light brown, then fill it up to the edge of the quilt with random creams, light golds and light tans.
After making a lot of stops and starts, and lots of indecision I am at this stage.    Still not convinced it is the right decision.

I am continuing to sew.   Lots of hexies to sew together before the major decision is to be made. I have found that I have to sew them into rows, and blocks, and then leave them in place for a while, and see if they jell for me. Back to work .


  1. Your hexie quilt is absolutely beautiful! You have made a LOT of progress in a short amount of time!

    1. Thank you. It is very addictive. I take it wherever I go.:)